Floor Polishing & Cleaning by Floor Restore, Ireland

The high shine observed on natural stone such as marble and limestone is the result of smoothing it with fine abrasives. Floor Restore will use diamond abrasives to hone the stone, then switch to a powdered abrasive to achieve the final polish. The abrasive powder is worked into the stone with a floor machine using water and cloth or polyester fiber pads. The powder is worked into a slurry until a polish is achieved. We then remove the slurry with a wet-vac or mop and rinse the floor to remove excess powder. It is a relatively simple procedure, but requires a great deal of practice.

Concrete polishing and staining is a fast growing trend in floor restoration. Our process includes honing, densification, and polishing. The end result is a beautiful, dust-free floor that requires no striping or waxing! In addition, the end result will have the appearance of natural stone. Who knew concrete could look like this?

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