Working with Marble, Limestone,Travertine &Terrazzo Floors

Marble Restoration Cleaning & Polishing

Floor Restore offers professional marble cleaning, marble restoration, sealing, repairs, polishing and maintenance to your natural marble floors and surfaces. We use specialist cleaning materials and high diamond abrasive pads to carry out our marble floor restoration service. Our trained craftsmen will have your marble floor looking as as good as new.


Terrazzo Restoration Cleaning & Maintenance

Terrazzo is a unique stone finish that usually contains marble chips of different sizes and colors and it is held together with a cement base or in newer application held together with a resin or epoxy base.

Terrazzo can be restored using the same process that is used in restoring marble and granite. Most terrazzo is coated with a wax and the waxes have a tendency to collect dirt and yellow which will require stripping and re-waxing.

Terrazzo can be polished using a natural polishing process that eliminates the need to strip off the old wax finishes and can actually reduce the maintenance cost. When terrazzo is finished naturally you can achieve a gloss or matte finish. Floor Restore can restore, re-polish and repair your terrazzo floors, walls or counters. Using the proper cleaners and care products will keep your terrazzo looking like new with minimum maintenance


Limestone Restoration, Cleaning & Maintenance

Floor Restore offer a limestone polishing, limestone cleaning, limestone restoration, crack repairs and regular maintenance service.

Due to limestone’s open structure the only way to keep it looking clean is to have it regularly maintained. We can achieve this with an annual deep clean and re-seal to give it the look it had when new. We will be happy to work out a maintenance schedule with you that is suitable for the type of limestone and the finish you want to maintain.

Travertine Restoration, Cleaning & Maintenance

Travertine is a beautiful stone. It brings a warmth to any environment it is in. When cared for properly, it will service you well for many, many years.

Travertine is a dense stone but because it is a calcite based stone it is sensitive to acidic substances. Thus travertine is vulnerable to etching even when sealed. Etching will appear as a dull, whitish mark on your stone.

Travertine also by its very nature has holes in it. These holes are filled at the factory, but for various reasons, these fillers can come out, leaving you with exposed holes.

About Our Travertine Cleaning, Honing, Polishing and Maintenance Services:

We understand the properties and characteristics of travertine and we know how to restore it to like new condition. Using experienced, well-trained stone refinishers, time-tested products and superior equipment, we can:

  • Level and remove any lips (lippage) or high / uneven edges remaining from installation.
  • Repair breakthroughs, chips, cracks and grout.
  • Fill holes
  • Deep clean your travertine with appropriate cleaning agents and methods.
  • Hone your travertine to smooth out scratches and dull spots, restoring it to its original luster.
  • Polish your travertine to a visible clarity and the desired shine.
  • Protect your newly restored travertine with commercial grade, durable, breathable sealers to protect your “new’ travertine.
  • Educate you and/or your cleaning people on the best possible maintenance program for this artistic beautiful stone.

We know you have options when choosing your stone care professionals. Thank you for considering Floor Restore's Restoration Services.