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Maurizio Bertoli - The man behind MB Stone Care products

Date Posted: 13.12.2010

Internationally Recognized Stone Expert
When it comes to maintenance, preservation and restoration of natural stone, such as marble, granite, travertine, limestone, onyx, sandstone, etc. nobody beats the vast expertise and in-depth knowledge of Maurizio Bertoli.

He is arguably one the foremost stone experts and is recognized at both a national and international level. Within the stone industry he is known for his radical, “out-of-the-box” way of thinking and operating. Many of his accomplishments and suggestions have become widely embraced industry benchmarks.

For example, his simple but effective ‘lemon juice test’ has become the standard around the world to help consumers determine on their own the suitability of certain granites and whether or not they would need to have an impregnator/sealer applied.

He exposed the widespread fraud represented by the “convenient” generic classification under the label of “granite” of all sorts of stones that were not even remotely related to true geological granite. His passion, dedication and accumulated wealth of knowledge on the subject of natural stone is the result of a lifelong experience.

Maurizio Bertoli was born in Parma, Italy, where at the age of 16 he embarked on his chosen career path by working in a marble fabrication facility as a summer job. He continued working the trade as a marble floor setter, exclusively with the “grind-in-place” method while completing his university education in Parma.

In 1968 he purchased the marble flooring company he had been working for upon the passing of the former owner. With a clear direction for his future in place, Mr.. Bertoli completed his formal education, acquiring a BA equivalent degree in Accounting and Marketing, and to gain further understanding of his trade, he undertook private studies in the area of petrography (a branch of geology focusing on rocks) and chemistry as applied to marble and natural stone while continuing to run his marble flooring company. His education enabled him to broaden his professional horizons beyond Parma, and soon
he was installing high-end marble floors all over Italy, Switzerland and southern France.

In 1979 he sold his Italian based flooring company and became involved in new business endeavors which prompted him to move to New Jersey with his wife Laura and two sons, Giorgio and Giulio. He introduced his expertise to America, and in 1984 established a sole proprietorship, specializing in “grind-in-place” installation of marble floors, restoration and repolishing of marble and granite installations.

In 1990, his accumulated wealth of understanding of petrography and chemistry as applied to natural stone, led to being featured in a two page editorial in the Asbury Park Press (the second largest newspaper in New Jersey).

Driven by consumer need and armed with his extensive knowledge of stone, Mr. Bertoli developed a complete line of natural stone maintenance and restoration products. His world-renowned ‘MB Stone Care Products,’ are now sold through dealers in many parts of the world. And despite owning and operating a successful company that manufactures a complete line of specialty products for maintenance and preservation of natural stone, he is genuinely committed to “Education before any sale,” and avails himself and his expertise generously. His integrity is evidenced in such statements as, “Not all stones need to be sealed, and when a stone doesn’t need to be sealed, sealing it anyway is not only a total waste of time and money, but
plain WRONG.”

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